Yesterday I was attending the PLCs and was asked to post some sites where people could go to learn more about teaching, their content area, or just continue on their lifelong learning journey.  Here are a few of my favorites:

iTunes University
Love, love this site.  There is something for everyone.  I listen to the classes when I am driving, flying or just plain bored.  Language arts teachers, Lit2Go has some classics read aloud.  Great for those nights you have insomnia or when a student doesn't quite get the language of those esoteric erudite Victorian writers. 

Unlocking knowledge, empowering minds.  There are over 2000 classes open to everyone.
This site is not as structured, and the topics are fascinating and captivating. 

Justice with Michael Sandel
This class shows the power of lecture when done with passion and a true understanding of the content
area.  It will lead to other Harvard open course ware, too.  
Some of the best mind journeys to be found.
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